Bacolod's Masskara Festival greets you with a smile

The Philippines is known to be home to many festivities that are culturally filled with distinct and ravishing activities that symbolizes the heart of every Filipino. Bacolod City, also known as the City of Smiles invites you to witness firsthand their much-awaited festival, the Masskara Festival--- a celebration of the Bacoleños' dashing spirit and culture.

The festival first began in the year 1980 that symbolizes the happy and lively spirit of the Bacoleños.Celebrated each year from October 1 to 20, Masskara Festival is a 20-day festivity that comprises street dance competition, beauty pageant, carnivals, food festivals, sports events, musical concerts and other exciting activities. Thousands of tourists, both local and foreign, flock in Bacolod City every year to feel the exhilarating experience brought by non-stop activities and vivacious events.

Using their masks made from molded clay or papier-mâché matched with their colorful and promising costumes, the Bacoleños fascinate their tourists with their flashy smiles and the sprightliness of their dancing. Not only does the festival help promote the tourism of Bacolod and the Philippines as a whole but also give inspiration and high hopes to its people. Bacolod is just an 1 hour and 5 minute air transport from Manila.

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