A tour to the past at Bohol's Clarin Ancestral House

Bohol is brilliant for its wondrous Chocolate Hills, its one-of-a-kind cruise in Loboc River, and of course, it’s adorable animal Tarsier. But many of us do not know that Bohol has turned itself to a place for all kinds of adventures available for all kinds of tourists. One of the most interesting things to do in Bohol is to explore and learn its culture. So the best way to start your adventure in Bohol is to visit its famous Clarin Ancestral House, a house turned into a museum that’s full of historical wonders of the past.
Nestled in the heart of Loay in Bohol, an ancestral house stands with a strong influence of the Bohol's past. The Clarin Ancestral House that dates back in 1840 is a majestic ancestral home that served as the dwelling place of the Clarin Family in Bohol. The Clarin Family is among the most eminent political families in the Bohol. Members of their family became Mayors and Congressmen in Bohol and were very much influential by that time.
The house displays a collection of the family’s significant memorabilia. A Filipino-Spanish designed house that has a classic view of a house back in the olden days. It is a large square house made out of coral stone foundation, wooden walls and nipa roof cover. Although some corners of the house are damaged by the years gone by, you can still feel its preserved historical richness flowing in every corner of the house.
Today, the house stands as a famous museum in Bohol letting its visitors to witness all of its antique furniture, paintings, books, alcoholic bottle drinks, clothes and a lot of of the past. Most of the family members of the Clarin family today lives in abroad. These treasures provide the foundations of a magnificent history of the of the family that gives sight how their ancestors lived in the past.


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