It's not only humans that fly into Manila

For those who travel to Manila frequently and the anywhere else in the Philippines for that matter know that great steaks and choice cuts of meat can be sometimes difficult to find. As you can imagine, the islands geography serve up an abundant array of arguably the best seafood in the world however its the same topography and location which make it hard to farm free range cattle and their primary resource ~ meat.

There is one place in Metro Manila which has been gaining notoriety for being an excellent steakhouse, and not just serving any meat but Wagyu specifically. Wagyu meat is famous for its intense marbling which produces a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat. In other words; every bite is delicious! Wagyu cattle is the cousin of Kobe which originated in Japan. Aside from the normal feed, beer and sake is also given to the food regimen of Wagyu cattle, however it appears to have no effect on the meats flavor.

Melos Steakhouse which has locations in Makati, Alabang and Quezon City imports its Wagyu beef directly from Australia to give the local Filipinos here in Metro Manila carnivorous excitement. Any true steak lover knows its best to pair your meat with wine and Melo's also has a wide assortment to complement even the most sophisticated palette. The ambiance and service are up to par of even the best steakhouses in New York or Los Angeles, but with the warmth and hospitality of the Filipinos.

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