Experience things the Pinoy way!

Philippines, with its interesting mix of East-West cultures, has formed a unique culture of its own. Compared to other world cultures, Filipinos see and live their lives differently. They are strong-willed and never let problems take them down. The three words that can essentially describe Filipinos are hospitable, courteous, and cheerful. Known as one of the happiest nations on Earth, smiles never run out of Filipino faces especially when meeting tourists they consider as new friends. They make their best efforts to make visitors and tourists feel welcome and at home.

Filipinos, also called as Pinoys, have many things to be proud of. Aside from their rich culture and wondrous land, there are great numbers of activities, food, species and delights you can experience only in their land. Here are some of the many things that can be considered as uniquely Pinoy:


Jeepney is one of the many symbols of the Philippine culture. Your trip in the Philippines will never be complete unless you go on a unique jeepney ride. With its flashy, showy decorations and lengthy space, this 4-wheeled vehicle will take you on a unforgettable ride of your life.

Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo, a native house seen all throughout the Philippines, is perfectly designed for the tropical climate of the country. Built out of native materials such as bamboo and nipa, this absolutely unique national shelter of the Filipinos has been in existence even before the colonization of the Spaniards in the 15th century.

Philippine Mango

The place where you can only taste the sweetest mango on earth is in the Philippines—the Guimaras Mango. It is famously known for its sweet, pure and juicy taste that made it the all-time favorite fruit of the both the locals and tourists.

Barong Tagalog

Made from variety of Fabrics, ( piƱa, jusi and banana fabrics), this Embroidered formal dress is a common wedding and formal attire for both Filipino men and women. The Barong Tagalog is known for its lightweight design and worn untucked over an undershirt similar to a coat and dress shirt. The term "barong Tagalog" literally means "a dress that is Tagalog", from the word baro which means dress.


This wooden footwear made out of local light wood such as santol and laniti, was very popular in the 1950s and was a famous souvenir for the Americans. Today, it is often seen in all sorts of Philippine cultural shows.


Tamaraw is also known as the Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo because it was first found in the island of Mindoro. This unique, endangered specie is the largest native terrestrial mammal in the Philippines. It is somewhat hairier than a common carabao, with light markings on its face, and has shorter V-shaped horns.

So come and visit Philippines today and experience firsthand the Pinoy bliss! Discover its beauty, taste the most delectable delights and be part of a unique adventure you will never forget!

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