Mango Picks: Having a blast with the Philippine New Year

by Roy Cagalingan

Let us welcome the New Year with a bang! Here are some tips and tricks:

1. Stock up on those colorful noisemakers

Despite the annual government warnings, Filipinos love to welcome fresh starts with loud bangs. Whether it’s the spectacular aerial display of fireworks, the eardrum-damaging Super Lolo or just the harmless hum and toot of a torotot; a New Year is incomplete without these noisemakers and eye-pleasers meant to scare evil spirits away. Just remember to light up those firecrackers with caution.

2. Have a midnight feast

It is now time for Media Noche which means midnight in Spanish. Gather round the table and prepare 12 different round fruits to ensure monthly prosperity for the family; though some stick to 13 which is a lucky number to the Chinese. Sticky food on the table will allow good fortune to stick to you and your family. Don’t forget to chomp down those yummy pancit noodles for longevity.

3. Welcome the Rabbit!

It’s the year of the Metal Rabbit! Welcome the presence of this fluffy yet resilient and determined creature which kicks off in the Chinese New Year on February 3. According to the Chinese zodiac those born under this sign are serene, gentle but with a hint of persistence in them. Consult your local Chinese Zodiac Master or horoscope for matters regarding health, wealth, career, and love.

4. Other trivialities and superstitions

· Encourage children to jump to their vertical heights’ delight!

· Jiggle and jangle coins in your pocket to encourage the growth of wealth.

· Clothes with polka dots will also help in attracting good fortune.

· Don’t sweep your floor if you don’t want good luck to be swept away like house dust!

· Opening the windows and doors would also help in bringing good luck to your home so keep them wide open, but watch out for those mosquitoes.

May you and your family have an exciting and prosperous New Year!