Mango Tours' Last Christmas Shopping @ Tiendesitas

If you’re still having a hard time deciding where to shop and fulfill all of those Christmas Wishes, Mango Tours has the right solution for you!

With its pleasant shopping ambiance, Tiendesitas is the perfect place for you to shop. It can take all your Christmas shopping hassles away because you can find everything you need in just one place. From a variety of antique furniture and appliances to fashion accessories and clothes, and from great food to adorable pet stores; Tiendesitas is your one-stop shop for everything Filipino..

Located at Pasig City, Tiendesitas is not only a great place to see how amazing Filipino products are, but it will also let you experience traditional and authentic Filipino Shopping at its best. The great thing about this tradition or more commonly known as “Tawad” or Haggling is that you can always buy things for a lower price. Haggling is a normal thing to do in the Philippines, making it the perfect place to buy affordable stuff especially this Christmas Season.

So come and visit Tiendesitas and discover great bargains. Come fly home with us!