Nothing does it like the Philippines’ “King of the Road”

Take a ride on the Philippines’ “King of the Road” as you uncover the abundance of Manila!

The Jeepney is among the countless reasons why Filipinos have such a unique culture. With its flashy decorations and colorful exteriors, this four-wheeled metal vehicle gives every traveler an unforgettable riding experience. Over the years, the jeepney has thrived as 4 a popular means of transportation for most Filipinos and has become an important feature of Philippine culture. It has been offering rides to the Filipinos since the end of World War II and until now, remains as the Philippines’ “King of the Road”.

Together with Jeepney Tours, Mango Tours invites you to a unique ride around the remarkable places in Manila! Come and join us unveil Manila’s genuine past and contemporary attractions while you ride an air-conditioned jeepney with comfortable seats, friendly tour guide and karaoke to make the tour more interestingly Filipino.

Intramuros: Cultural Heritage Tour from $57 per person

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Located in the heart of Manila is the medieval town of Intramuros, originally the capital of the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. It is the best place to view Spanish colonial architecture that was built in 1571.

Intramuros: Golf Tour from $137 per person

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Intramuros, or the “walled city”, has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from its cultural and historical attractions, Intramuros also offers another leisure option for travelers who want to unwind for a few hours--golf. Experience golfing in the Philippines, where caddies are present on all courses, ready to assist you and give you advice on the play.
Sunset Dinner Cruise from $69 per person

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Manila Bay is known for its captivating sunsets. Locals and tourists are known to hang out and spend their lazy afternoons by the bay along the historical Roxas Boulevard. It’s truly a fascinating treat to experience the sunset on a dinner cruise. Different wines and beverages will be served as guests enjoy the sea breeze of the cool night.

Spa & Shopping Spree from $91 per person

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Travelers can indulge in purely pleasurable activities as they treat themselves to one fine day in Manila--one of the greatest spa and shopping destinations in Asia. From power-spending down to flea market bargaining, one will never run out of options in this shopper’s paradise! Tourists can pamper their bodies after a day of shopping as they unwind and get a spa treatment amidst a relaxing atmosphere.

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