Mango Picks: Beach Must-Haves

The season has blossomed in summer’s favor. Now it’s time to pack up and brave the beaches for some respite from the heat and city life. Mango picks the season’s trusty must-haves.

A Good Read

Catch-up on some reading with the ambient sound of the waves as a background. Whether it’s a quirky mystery or chicklit, reading can be a great way to unwind and release those stress particles away


Will it be aviators or wayfarers? Shield your eyes and enjoy a tinted point of view.


Let those feet see the light of day. Choose the most comfortable and allow your feet to sink into the sand.


Here comes the sun and it’s alright. Dab on some sunblock to protect yourself from those UV rays.


Just what is S.D.? It’s something that we should all have when assaulting the beach. Possessing a Sunny Disposition will perfectly compliment the simmering temperature. Work up a smile and feel good. Everything will look and feel different.