Macau: Behind Glitz and Glamour

A city that is most active at night, Macau is a 45-minute ferry ride away from its nearby city, Hong Kong. The nocturnal city is dotted with towering buildings that consist mostly of big-time casinos, luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. It’s no wonder the city is known as one of the prominent gambling destinations of the world. But behind all its glitz and glamour, Macau can also be a perfect destination for leisure travel. When the morning light strikes and all the lights go out, another version of Macau lives on. Macau’s flashy image during the night fades and the up-beat atmosphere turns into a charming, gentle day.
Discover Macau and its rich fusion of cultures by visiting the city’s array of cultural and historical landmarks. The best time to stroll around Macau and get to know its cultural side is during day time. Walk through the clean, narrow streets of Macau where dazzling sceneries are there to captivate your eyes. Sit under the lofty,scenic Macau Tower and watch the long-stretch bridge that connects Macau’s two main islands, Taipa and Colane.
One of the best visited places during day time is The Cathedral of Saint Paul. The church dates back more than 400 years ago and was built in the early 1600s. But due to a fire happened in the year 1835, the church was burned down leaving only its facade and stairways. Today it stands as one of the well-known landmarks of Macau.
Tourists from all over the world visit the place to witness this one-of-a-kind place you won’t see anywhere in the world. The place is highly scenic due to its vibrant setting and state-of-the-art structures.

Markets and friendly locals are there to offer you their best local produce which you will enjoy fully from different delicacies to accessories and from incents to garments.
Aside from The Cathedral of Saint Paul, you will see a lot of temples and churches located in each side of the road. Interesting replicas of some of the world-famous landmarks such as Rome’s The Coliseum, Aukland’s Tower (which looks exactly the same as the Macau Tower), and a Venice’s soul and touch at The Venetian Hotel -- these are just some of the places to visit, there’s more to explore.

So if you’re a traveler looking for some pure entertainment at night and a pleasant time under the sun, you can always visit this lively yet charming city. Besides, you can have the best of both worlds now that you know the other version of Macau.
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