A Mango-Banging Affair at Cebu's Marco Polo Plaza Hotel

The location is at an altitude of 900 feet with the full majestic view of Cebu City in tow. Everywhere there is a touch of class—sparkling chandeliers, a handsome staircase, velvety red carpets, posh rooms, and polished marble floors. You’ve stepped inside Marco Polo Plaza Hotel and you’re in Cebu. As a place known for its mangoes, the chefs at Marco Polo just tweaked the old saying and turned it into when life gives you mangoes, make Mango Bango.

Just what exactly is Mango Bango? Well, it’s your typical full-course meal served to please your senses and did we mention that within the course of those meals you get to taste the sweet and sour succulent taste of mangoes. All of the dishes are pepped up by these ever-contrasting sweet and sour forces.

Here’s the lowdown of the famed Mango Bango:

Sip on some Mango Shrimp Soup.

Sink your teeth into tender chicken and beef. The flavorful rice comes with diced mangoes.

End the meal with some creamy concoctions.

So next time you hit the streets of Cebu and you’re willing to get your taste buds titillated, drop-by Marco Polo Plaza Hotel and get a load of the Mango Bango.