LANDMARK LEGENDS: Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Legends and myths are not just simple stories; they contain lessons and morals passed on from generation to generation. These tales may also include valuable historical facts and data about the culture and lifestyle of people or race involved.

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A myth on the origin of Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Long time ago in a beautiful island of Bohol, there lived two giants. The giants were best of friends; they were like brothers, but not until something happened. These two enormous creatures quarreled. No one knows the reason why it happened but it’s a simple misunderstanding that progressed into a battle. None of the giants wanted to surrender and take on its pride. They threw mud, rocks, boulders and sand to each other. The battle lasted for days and made them weak and exhausted.

Soon after, they realized that nothing can be accomplished in battle, and so they decided to reconcile and forgive each other. The two giants left the battleground and decided to look for a new place where they could start over again. Without their knowing, some of the boulders, stones, sand and mud on the battleground stuck to each other and formed mounds.

Thousand of years of wind and erosion eventually formed the mounds to what it is now: The Chocolate Hills. These remains served as a reminder to everyone that once there were two creatures, giants who found nothing in battle and just decided to love and understand one another.

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