LANDMARK LEGENDS: Lake Batur, Indonesia

Legends and myths are not just simple stories; they contain lessons and morals passed on from generation to generation. These tales may also include valuable historical facts and data about the culture and lifestyle of people or race involved.


Once there was a giant named Kbo Iwo. He was a giant as tall as the mountains. This huge creature was a friend to the townspeople. He would help the Balinese people in building temples, digging ditches, building bridges and other landmarks. All he asked in return for his help was food. The townspeople provided him as much root crops and vegetables as they can give, unfortunately, Kbo Iwo had a big appetite. There was never enough food to satisfy him.  His hunger and in contentment drove him angry to the point that he destroyed all the things that he helped in building with and proceeded to eating the villagers. When he was satisfied, he would be nice again and be friends with the people, the giant would help them again in rebuilding those he had destroyed.

A time came that there were less harvest on their plants. The Balinese people could barely feed themselves, much less a giant. This event angered Kbo Iwo. He brought destruction all over the place and ate each person he came across. The people got angry and decided to devise a plan for the execution of the giant. They planned to reconcile with Kbo Iwo and kill him on his back.

The people begged the giant to help them rebuild the temples and everything he had destroyed in his rampage. The giant agreed and worked in replacing everything. The people also asked him to build a well that will provide them the water they needed. As he dug, the earth piled high next to the well. Soon after, the pile was as high as a mountain.

After several hours of digging, the giant starved and got exhausted. Since the excavation was already too much, Kbo Iwo find it hard to get out so asked the people to just throw the food on the pit where he was. Then he ate, as soon as he got full he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, the people poured huge amount of lime (sticky substance) down the well. The lime set around the giant and when he woke up he was unable to escape.

The well then was filled with water, overflowed and became a lake. Kbo Iwo drowned. The people rejoiced and celebrated. After several years, the well that became a lake was named Lake Batur.

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