Mango Picks: Places to visit during Independence Day

Celebrations are coming up for the Philippines’ 113th Independence Day. Since that fateful day on June 12 1898; we are continuing to reap the fruits of freedom. Here are some places that you could visit to reignite that patriotic fire.

1. Aguinaldo Shrine- Kawit, Cavite

The Aguinaldo ancestral home is where General Emilio Aguinaldo proudly hoisted the first Philippine flag and  declared independence from Spain for the first time. The Philippine National Anthem by Julian Felipe also made its musical debut. (Note: The anthem didn’t have any lyrics yet when it first played, it was entitled Marcha Nacional Filipina).

2.     Rizal Park- Manila

Kilometer 0 (the point where all roads in the Philippines are measured) is a popular hangout place for weekend families. Found in the Rizal monument are the remains of National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. The honor guards called Kabalyero de Rizals safeguard the monument round the clock. 

3.      Monumento- Caloocan City

Erected in 1933, the Monument was done by National Artist for sculpture Guillermo Tolentino in honor of the first battle of the Philippine Revolution that took place on August 30, 1896.

4.     Biak-na-Bato- San Miguel, Bulacan

The mountainous backdrop of San Miguel, Bulacan served as the ideal hideout for Philippine Revolutionaries who would later agreed to a truce with the Spanish forces. The pact eventually ended the Philippine Revolution.  

5.     Barasoain Church- Malolos City, Bulacan

This historic church is the site of the very first Constitutional Convention of the first Philippine Republic which was the first Asian Government to come up with a Constitution. Relive the history and drama by visiting the light and sound museum.