Great Splendors of Asia

Many of the magnificent splendors in the world are found in Asia. The continent has the charm, the style, and a culture that is so flavorful it will leave you begging for more. Attractions in Asia are very much in demand around the globe. Everyone wants to have a taste of this diverse civilization composed of different religions, beliefs, and fascinating attractions. You’ll never get enough of Asia; once you’re there, you have to get yourself ready for an exploration that will stay for you for a long time. Asia knows how to touch the hearts and souls of those people who step on her land.

Here are some of the places you need to experience if you’re planning to have a trip around Asia:

Palawan, Philippines

The Underground River

Tourists from all over the world come to the Philippines mainly because they want to experience its pristine, white-powdery sand beaches. With its more that 1,107 islands, it’s no wonder the country has a lot to offer. But the most promising one is the great island of Palawan. Its one of a kind natural treasure is the Underground River found in its capital city, Puerto Princesa. The Underground River stretches 8.2 kilometers long and is believed to be the longest in the globe. This long-stretched river showcases an enchanting paradise hidden inside a majestic cave full of fascinating structures leaving tourists in complete state of awe.

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Kingdom of Cambodia

Angkor Wat Temples

Built in the 12th century, the Angkor Wat also known as the “City Temple” is the most known symbol of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Considered as the largest religious building in the world, this majestic place serves as the religious site for various religions first to Hindus, Vishnu and then Buddhists. Fascinating Khmer architectural designs are seen all over the place that fully captivates tourist of all ages.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower

Get to know the brilliance of Malaysia by visiting its modern, boasting with life and color city, Kuala Lumpur. The city coped greatly with modernism but still remains as a natural charmer with its rich heritage wonders and cultural beliefs.   Towering buildings that are built with creativity are there to captivate you like the city’s known attributes – the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower, the fifth tallest structure in the world.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Floating Markets

Compelling attractions and experiences await you in every corner of Bangkok– fascinating temples, active nightlife, entertaining cultural shows and interesting shopping district –one of which is the city’s floating markets. Ride on a boat, buy the freshest, best local produce and experience the most thrilling way of food shopping. That’s what these floating markets are all about– you can have the fun, thrill and adventure you’re looking in one interesting place.

Beijing, China
Forbidden City

One of the world’s oldest civilizations, China is a land bursting with glorious attractions and cultural abundance. The country is so influential that its customs, religions and beliefs are spread out across the globe. A vast land dotted with temples, palaces, and ancient structures. One of them is located in the center of Beijing -- the Forbidden City. It is the world’s largest palace complex and one of the well known attractions in Beijing along with the world-renowned Great Wall of China and diverse and historical sceneries. You’ll have a glimpse of ancient China once you step on this historical palace compound.

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