The 2011 Adobo Festival

July 14, 2011
(Six Years in the Making)
By Rose Garcia

THE annual celebration of the ‘Adobo Festival’, produced by JS Camins Productions in cooperation with GMA Pinoy TV, a multicultural festivity, is sweeping the mainstream audiences in the Bay area.

            Over the weekend (July 9 and 10), the ‘Adobo’ Festival was a big success in Vallejo Waterfront Park as it captured thousands of multi-racial audiences to witness the cultural food and music festivity.

            As early as 11:30 a.m. Americans were queueing at the ‘Adobo’ Food station where the famous Filipino dish ‘Adobo’, normally cooked with garlic, pepper, soy sauce and vinegar, were being sold. Not only curious about the taste, these Americans wanted to find out how ‘adobo’ is cooked. And between ‘chicken and pork adobo,’ majority have preferred ‘ chicken ‘ which were sold out ahead of time.

            “This is the best year ever. We started the Adobo Festival in a small gathering of crowd in Daly City six years ago, and I can’t believe the huge crowd of followers we have over these years, “ Joey Camins, Producer of the successful ‘Adobo’ Festival, said.

            Shortly before noon, the event unfold with a dance to the tune of the ‘Atin Ito, Adobo’ theme by the Zumba Dancers led by Cristina Mendoza, followed by chain of songs from various performers and bands.

            The talent-participants in the festival were making waves in Northern California in their respective singing engagements. Aljur Abrenica, GMA Pinoy TV’s famed actor, brought fun and excitement to the entire viewers. He also signed pictures and had photo ops with fans and families. Likewise, GMA had given away lots of freebies such as shirts, shopping bags, pens and notepads to name a few.

            Raffle draws were held for free call cards to the Philippines while the Bayanihan Cargo gave away free 10 Balikbayan boxes. At the same time, the Mango Tours have raffled a two-way ticket for Hawaii.

            Aside from enjoying the booth that caters to a wide variety of patrons from local craft products to purses, shirts, and the like, well-known lawyer in San Francisco and the Bay area, Lourdes ‘Lou’ Tancinco, conducted free consultations regarding immigration matters with the audience, spiced up with a game portion.

            The ‘Adobo Festival’ won’t be a success without the much awaited ‘Adobo’ cook-off contest that drew huge followers particularly, the White Caucasian and Black Americans. Out of several entries from restaurants and individuals, only the best three were chosen. Lead judge for the ‘adobo’ cook fest is Daly City Commissioner of Library (Board of Trustee), Dorie Paniza. The winners will be awarded with trophy during the Milpitas Adobo Festival on September.

            “ I would like to thank all of our followers, sponsors, friends and volunteers, the media outfit and the City of Vallejo for allowing us to showcase the Filipino pride in the city and for bringing the culture close to the heart of the Filipino-Americans while introducing our hidden culture to other mixed races, “ according to Camins.

            Camins stressed that while the ‘Adobo’ Festival will continue to bring more fun and excitement especially to the Fil-am community, he said the event would concentrate more in coming up with a wholesome entertainment for all viewers as it continues to be a free-for-all festival.

            The Labor Day entertainment for the entire family is upcoming, Camins said, “ I am inviting those who failed to join us in Vallejo to catch the ‘Adobo Festival’ live at the Milpitas Sports Complex in Calaveras Road on September 3 and 4. “