Home Safety Tips for Vacations and Beyond

Safety and security is important, especially nowadays when cases of robbery and house break-ins are very rampant. Don’t take a second thought of leaving your house secured. Leaving your house unattended is a potential risk, but not when you have prepared beforehand. Don’t spend your vacation wondering if your house is secure. Read these tips to ensure the safety of your crib while you’re away.


When people hear of the word security, the first thing that pops out of their mind is a lock. Indeed, this is a very important thing when we speak of security. Make sure to lock your house before going out on a vacation. Don’t settle for cheap locks. Buy something that is worth for all the valuables you keep in your house. There are some locks that use number codes instead of conventional keys. Be sure that all valuables such as money, jewelries and stocks are kept in safe place. Before leaving, double check doors, windows and other areas that might be used by burglars as an entry point. It would also be helpful to confuse burglars by switching locks on your gate for locks in other places.


As much as you would want to post and tell your friends that you are going to a vacation, don’t.  Do it when you‘ve come back home along with the pictures as proof. People are getting hi-tech, even burglars. Those updates such as “I’m on a vacation” gives bad men the signal that nobody’s home and that they can now initiate their devised evil plan.

House Sitters or Checkers
If your neighbor’s good enough, you can ask them to check your house from time to time.  You can just give them presents when you came back for goodwill. If not, you can ask your relatives living nearby.
If you will be gone for an extended period, you can ask someone you trust to stay over at your house-- if not full time, then a few hours per day. That way, you can be sure that it is well guarded and people are around to keep appearances. Tell these people to be alert and vigilant. 

Having your house well-lit can help to deter potential burglars. With this, your neighbors might also be able to see if someone broke in or someone is suspiciously loitering in front or in your property. It may also send a signal to burglars that you or someone else is in your house since the lights are on. Just be sure to check your lighting system and electrical supply to prevent further incidents such as your house catching fire. Unplug all appliances and or equipments before leaving the house.