Mango Picks: Rainy Day Songs.

 Caught in the manic monsoon? Here are some songs apt for the rainy season. 

     1. Basang Basa sa Ulan by Aegis- Feeling emotional and under the radar? Let the powerful riffs and soaring chorus line of this song wash those blues away.

     2. Ulan by Rivermaya- This paean to the rain invokes a solemn and somber auditory procession.

     3. Pumapatak ang Ulan by APO Hiking Society- If you're being doused with boredom staying at home when there’s a downpour, this song is a must.

4. Ulan by Johnoy Danao- An inviting and playful tune for those who don’t mind the continuous pouring.

5.     Tuwing Umuulan at Kapilang Ka by the Eraserheads- For the tender romantic, this song really turns up the mood brought about by the rainy weather

Are there other songs that should make your rainy day soundtrack? Let us know.