Pack it Right! II

Packing for a travel is a strategic exercise of maximizing space and minimizing
expenditures. With airline companies charging for excess baggage, packing it right is
crucial. Make your trip as hassle-free as the rest of your travels. Read these guidelines:

1. Pack Small

If you are taking medications, you don’t have to bring with you the bottles. Just
get only the amount needed. You can have it all on a pill case and place it on
the pocket of your luggage. Travel essentials such as toothpaste, soaps, and
shampoos are available in small quantities or sachets. Airline companies often
provide these on a travel kit while hotels have it in your room or suite. If you opt
to bring in your preferred brand, look for a smaller pack.

2. Pack only what is needed     

Prior to organizing your bags, make sure to ask your travel provider for baggage
rules and limitations. Don’t over pack. This is one common rule in traveling yet
people often times take it for granted. Bringing only what is needed would be up
to your advantage since you might be coming back home with more stuff. You
might just want to have a room for your presents. By consolidating it light and
right, queues on air and seaports will also be minimized.

3. The “roll” is the new fold

Fold your clothes neatly. Roll and place it horizontally and/or vertically on your
luggage. This will give you more space and will prevent your pants from having
creases at the center.

4. Pack the right clothes

It is important to know the present weather condition/season of your destination.
Bring clothes that are appropriate with your travel. If you will be attending a
convention or visiting a sacred place like a convent or a country in the Middle
East, miniskirts will not be a good choice. Pack versatile and low maintenance
clothes. It would be helpful to bring clothes that you can easily mix and match
with any other clothes in your wardrobe. This would be easier than bringing sets
of clothes.

5. Organize things

Organizing your luggage will not only give you more space, it would also help you

easily find the things you just need. Do not clutter your things and just throw stuff
on your bag; for sure you don’t want to get embarrassed when custom officials
open your luggage for inspection. Toiletries, underwear and other small items
can be placed on separate smaller bags or kits on your luggage. Airtight bags are
also available to give you more space and keep you organized.

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