PALAWAN MYSTERIES: Creatures of the Dark

What’s lurking in the Dark Underground River of Palawan? Darkness has always been associated with mystery; and with it comes fear and/or excitement. In these dark cavern created through time, what could we find?

Filipinos are fond of telling stories involving creatures that are somehow living on a different plane. Creatures like vampires, dwarfs and other elementals are some of them. Mermaids and other mysterious sea creatures that live in sea caverns like this are also a topic on town talks. Some claim to have seen them but most people believed it to be superstitious. 

It’s a usual thing to see bats hovering around the ceiling of this majestic cavern. There are thousands or maybe millions of them who live there. Bats themselves are mysterious; they are oftentimes associated with vampires and other night creatures. But these bats do not suck blood or eat human flesh; they are predators of different insects.

The presence of cave swiftlets is also prominent on this cave. These are little, flitting birds that navigate through the darkness using sonar. A unique creature that uses its saliva to stick to the walls of these dark dungeons. Birds like this are also believed to be a dark creature that changes its physique to spy and deceive people.

Cockroaches, crickets and other invertebrates populate this cave in millions. These creatures can often be seen in horror films and other creepy shows. The sound of crickets adds mystery to the eerie sound that echoes to through the walls of the place.

There are still plenty of small caverns and dungeons waiting to be explored. Areas that may be a sanctuary or home to some of most vicious creatures man has not seen. Creatures that the mankind thought to exist only on the pages of literary books and fairytales. No one knows when will they be discovered or who could discover. That could be YOU!

The above were the most common creatures one may see as they visit this magnificent underground river cave. Stories behind them can be true but they are most likely made from the playful imagination of its visitors.

Amidst the mystery and darkness of this underground river, there comes awe and astonishment. Over years of erosion and precipitation, beautiful water crystals are formed. These precious stalactites and stalagmites are wonderful water gems that shine when illuminated by light, a glorious scenery to calm you on a dark and mysterious underground river.

Aside from these, several new awe-inspiring discoveries were also accounted on this site. The Discovery of a Sirenia fossil, an animal believed to have lived during the Miocene age 20 million years ago was found permanently imbedded on the walls of the cave. The underground river was also discovered to be a bat burial site. Definitely more discoveries will be unveiled as the time goes by.
These and more are the reasons why one should visit and support this place as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Conquer your fears and be amazed by these exciting wonders of the Underground River of Palawan. 

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