Leg Love

Our legs and feet are one of the most important body parts we use in traveling. As a famous saying goes, our feet will take us to many wonderful places. With these, taking good care of them is very important. While varicose veins are known to be genetic, leg cramps on the other hand can be acquired by sitting or standing for long hours. Here are some tips to pamper those legs and prevent you from those unbearable sprains and cramps.

1.    STRECH Shift your legs every 15 or 30 minutes. During a flight, move your feet forward and extend those legs giving it a stretch. This will keep your blood circulate and will make your legs free from cramps.

2.    HYDRATE This is the most common and convenient way to replenish your body’s lost electrolytes. As water is known to be beneficial to overall health, drinking water before and after the flight will keep you relaxed and healthy. This will also promote good blood circulation.

3.    PROP-UP After doing some rigorous activities, long walks or even just being sedentary for a long time, rests those legs and feet. You can put a pillow at the back of your knees and legs while sitting or sleeping. Do this for at least 30 minutes and you'll surely feel its relaxing effects.

4.    CARESS Give your legs a simple short massage. These can ease tiredness and prevent appearance of those eyesore varicose veins. You can also apply pain liniments to ease leg and muscle fatigue.

5.    CONSULT Before doing any physical activities, be sure to consult your physician most especially if you have health problems. If you are experiencing unbearable and persistent pain during your travel, consult a doctor.