Mango Picks: The Best News Anchors in Filipino

Once we pop open our television sets they greet us with their suave voices bringing to us the news of the day. Using their gift of gab, we become aware of the nation’s situation. In celebration of the Month of the National  Language, we bring to you the top news anchors in Filipino.

Mike Enriquez

Mike Enriquez is all about business. His sudden quips and comments add some flair to his tenacious reporting.

Noli de Castro

Called the “Boses ng Masa” (Voice of the Masses), Kabayan knows how to capture audiences by addressing audiences collectively with his trademark “Magandang gabi, bayan”.

Jessica Soho

Resting on her countless laurels as a celebrated broadcast journalist will not stop Jessica Soho from delivering the news with utmost conviction and integrity.

Karen Davila, Julius Babao, and Ces OreƱa-Drilon

This troika deserves a mention for their excellent late-night delivery of what has transpired over the day. The effective integration of the Bandila (flag) theme/metaphor also works in their favor.

Lourd de Veyra  

Witty and edgy, Lourd De Veyra treads on critical and sometimes controversial topics doused with humor and sarcasm.