Spend a Day at “THE ROCK”

Corregidor is an island that symbolizes the bravery and heroism of the Filipino and American defenders against the Japanese forces during World War 2 in 1945. It is located 48 kilometers away from Manila and is approximately 3 miles long.  The island, also known as “The Rock”, is a holder of inspiring memories that now live in and attached to the island’s worn ruins and historic grounds.

Today, Corregidor Island continually stuns Filipinos as well as other tourists around the world with its remarkable structures, big guns, and other weapons used during the war, historic parks, and most of all, the old memories it conveys and how it adopts to modernity.

Exciting activities that everyone can enjoy and learn from include hiking, camping, picnic, ghost hunting, stargazing, bonfire, fishing, and snorkeling. Corregidor is a bearer of inspiring old memories and hopeful new memories that will be treasured and passed to the succeeding generations.

Know the moving story behind the famous Corregidor Island. Plan your trip today!

Corregidor Tour Package Inclusions:

• Roundtrip land transfers
• Roundtrip Ferry ride to/from Corregidor Island 
• Guided Tour of Corregidor
• Lunch in Corregidor

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