Xoom and Mango Tours' $50 Discount Promo

This exclusive promo offers a $50 credit to any flight or package booked through Mango Tours for new customers who will sign up and send successful money transfers through xoom.com from August 15 to October 15, 2011. Redemption period is from September 1 to October 31, 2011.

How to claim your $50 Credit:

1.    Visit www.xoom.com/mango
2.    Sign up and make a first successful money transfer using xoom.com
3.    You will receive a Xoom promo code.
4.    The Xoom promo code will entitle you to a $50 credit to all Mango Tours' products and services. The discounted purchase can be made via phone, online, and/or in the branches.

For online claimers:

1.    Visit www.mangotours.com
2.    Fill-in the details of your travel on the Dynamic Booking Engine
3.    Enter the xoom promo code. You will be notified if the code was valid or not.
4.    The $50 dollar credit will automatically be applied on the total amount of your transaction.

For walk-ins:

1.    Visit any Mango Tours branch and give out your travel details.
2.    Present the xoom promo code to the travel agent who will be assisting you.
3.    A Mango Tours travel agent will inform you if the application of the $50 credit was successful.

For phone-ins:

1.    Dial
1-866-2-MANILA (1-866-2-626452)
2.    Give out your Xoom promo code with your other travel details to the travel consultant.
3.    The travel consultant will verify if the Xoom promo code is valid or not.
4.    You will be informed if the $50 credit was successfully deducted from the total amount of your travel transaction.

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