Trips with Teenagers

Trips with your teenagers are a good time to catch up and strengthen your bond. It also serves as an opportunity to know them more personally. Teenagers like to be treated as adults. They don’t need anyone to tell them what to do and where to go at a certain point in time. Communication is the key to make a fun and meaningful vacation. Without this, things can get messy. Keep these tips in mind to ensure a fun and peaceful vacation.

Involve them in planning. This will make them feel more mature and gives them the sense of responsibility. Get their opinions on how you can further improve your vacation getaway. Make sure there are one or two activities that appeal to their age.

Pick a destination that caters for all tastes or one that offers a new experience for the whole family. Ensure that there would also be an activity where the family can bond.

Give them important task such as a research on your chosen destination, packing of foods and other items. Make sure they take along important things such as comfortable clothes and travel essentials.

Teens value their independence so discuss curfews and safety concerns before you leave. This will allow for some independence while still providing limitations.

Consider taking one of their friends’ along- if you can afford it. Talk to their friends’ parents and discuss plans. During a vacation, have separate room for teenagers and parents. This gives them the extra freedom and respect. It also provides privacy for both parents and teenagers considering that they might bring their friend along.

Embarrassment is a major concern for teens. Be conscious of your teen’s feelings. Take time to listen to their concerns without intimidating them. If you have problems, explain it in a rational manner. As much as possible, do not discuss major issues that may ruin your teen’s vacation mood.

Discuss emergency plans. Talk about what to do, where to meet and other details if in case something unplanned happened.