Where to go during the rainy days?

Rainy days can be tough especially when you feel like being in another place but home. But don’t worry, there’s a bunch of places to stay during this wet, soaking season. The outdoor activities may be off for some time but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rest of the season.

So to soak you with ideas on where to go this rainy season, here’s a rundown of the places you’ll love to stay in while the rain keeps on pouring:

1. Café

Photo from: peaceofangkor.com

In any season, cafes always have the charm for all. Three of the things cafes have never failed to convey: warmth, comforting ambience, and soothing aroma – perfect for the soaking season of rain. You can write, draw, or surf the internet with their free Wi-Fi connection. You can stay there for hours without experiencing boredom, just pure quality time for you and/or with your loved ones. 

2. Movie House

You can still do a lot of fun stuff when it’s impossible to have fun outdoors. One of them is watching a movie in a snug movie house. With its wide screen, comfy seats, and delicious snack offerings, all things can be perfect even when rain drops hard outdoors.

3. Museum

Photo from:  witsandnuts.com

One of the good things brought by museums is that you can actually spend some fun time while learning. Rainy season is not all about napping or staying most of the time at home but this season is also a time for great exploration.

4. Gym

Photo from: fromfrumptodiva.com

There is nothing like toning up during the rainy season.  So if you want to stay in shape and be healthy, go and have yourself some “iron-pumping” time at the gym.

5. Mall

Photo from: kevblog.co.uk

Malls have everything you need. There’s no way you can say NO to this place during the rainy season. Fizzy pleasures like shopping, dining, salon and spa treatments can chase away all your rainy day blues.

6. Noodle House

Photo from: timeoutabudhabi.com

Raindrops keep on pouring these days. A bowl of comfort food such as noodles is one of the best foods to munch during this cool, dripping season. So head out to the nearest noodle house in town, have a tasteful time and enjoy the rest of the season.