Sonya’s Garden B&B: Your Healthy Choice

Located somewhere almost hidden in Tagaytay is a paradise known as Sonya’s Garden. Scented breeze will welcome you as you stroll towards the environs of this garden, blanketed with flowers that are so lovely and fresh.

For foodies that love to eat healthy and organic food, Sonya’s Garden is definitely the perfect place to be. Healthy lunch is served daily at Sonya’s – a sit-down style buffet in a make-your-own-dish manner.  

A healthy lunch buffet starts with Sonya's rose water -- a hand cleanser that smells so good and friendly to your hands.

First on Sonya's menu is their signature vegetable salad. It is a crunchy, tasteful salad made from freshly-picked vegetables from Sonya's garden enhanced by a rich dressing and flavorful ingredients. What makes this salad unique is that it has flower petals, one of which is rose. Don’t worry, these petals are guaranteed edible and add a more refreshing taste to the salad.

This salad is served with a wide selection of ingredients such as mango, cucumber, grated egg, mozzarella, nuts, and jackfruit. It is perfectly enjoyed with freshly-baked bread from Sonya’s Panaderia. Enjoy it with spreads like pesto and mushroom pate.  

And when you’re done eating these healthy appetizers, they will serve you their main dish – healthy pasta served with a wide selection of ingredients like fried salmon, olive, and shitake mushroom. Again, this is a make-your-own dish. You can either add sun-dried tomato on your pasta or white chicken sauce if you prefer more protein on your plate; others enjoy it mixed. 

A slice of lush chocolate cake, together with caramelized sweet potato and turon is one Sonya’s highlights for dessert. These are best eaten with a refreshing taragon tea. The caramelized sweet potato and cake can be combined with fresh mint leaves, allowing you to taste the beautiful fusion of the sweet and minty flavors.


It's a delicious treat you'll never forget! So go ahead and satisfy your taste buds with these deliciously healthy delights only at Sonya's Garden!

For inquiries and bookings, call our U.S. toll-free number at 1-866-2-MANILA (1-866-2- 626452)or (02) 893-0002 if you’re in Manila. Visit for more amazing travel deals.