Travel Sleeping Aids

Scientifically, we are required to have at least 8 hours of quality sleep a day in order to effectively recuperate from the daily grind we subject ourselves to. This is true most especially if you are preparing for an exciting adventure trip ahead. When sleeping in your house is not enough, it is best to continue it on your way. Here are some of the things that will help you in getting to slumberland while traveling.

Eye mask

For those who can’t sleep with the lights on, eye masks could be of big help. Also known as sleep mask, these are sleeping aids which generally create an effect of total darkness, thus, it directs the brain to produce melatonin (sleep-producing hormone). Eye Masks can be purchased with unique designs and comfortable backings; some even are filled with fragrant pouches that provide a gentle aromatic fragrance as one starts to fall asleep. 


If you are remotely a light sleeper, you will want to use ear plugs; most especially if you are traveling on a plane. Aside from helping one to sleep by reducing (if not totally block–out) the noise level to a comfortable volume; earplugs prevent and/or relieve ear pain caused by the changes in the air pressure during airplane take offs and landings. 


While some people couldn’t sleep with noise in the background, some prefer to have a song playing.  If you are one of those people latter described, a good mellow music or a song from your favorite artist may help in bringing you to sleep. You may use your iPod, MP3 player or your mobile phone to do this. However, refrain from playing your songs boisterously so as not to disturb others; use earphones or headsets instead.

Travel Companion/s

Literally speaking, one of the benefits of traveling with a friend or family is that you can have someone you can lean on. That’s of course if you do not have any inhibitions with your body.

Travel Pillow

The use of travel pillows or neck pillows in particular has been very beneficial to traveling people. These are designed to help prevent neck stiffness by keeping your neck in better and more natural alignment while traveling. Some airlines provide a pillow most especially during long haul flights, though bringing your favorite one while traveling will definitely put you to slumber. If there is no available pillow, you can just use your bag or anything comfortable to sleep on. 

Whether you find yourself on an airplane, train, ship, or in an automobile, these sleeping aids will definitely help you find some rest and relaxation on your journey.

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