Street Food Favorites in the Philippines (Part 1)

In the Philippines, street vendors have always been a part of both the rural and urban scenes. They offer cheap and very convenient goods that most of the locals are into. Sweet, salty, sour -- all the sensations of taste are made available in the street. Served and enjoyed in different ways, Philippine street foods have been a part of the food regimen of the Filipinos. Some may find them unpleasing, but the ones who try say otherwise.

Here is a list of the all-time favorite street foods found everywhere in the Philippines:

1.     Tokneneng, Kwek-kwek

Two of the sought-after foods in the street are the so-called Tokneneng and Kwekwek. These are made from eggs dipped in a colored batter and fried until they get crispy. These are best served with spicy vinegar mixed with garlic, onion, and cucumber.

2.     Isaw

Isaw, a barbequed pig or chicken intestines, is one of the favorite snacks of Filipinos. These intestines are soaked in a flavoring then grilled on sticks. They are usually dipped in kurat (Filipino term for special vinegar with onions and other flavour enhancers) then eaten.

3. Sorbetes

A Philippine version of ice cream, sorbetes is homemade ice cream offered in the street through peddled street carts. It is served with wafer or sugar cones, or sometimes, bread buns. Main ingredients include coconut milk, flavorings, cream, ice, and sugar. The makers put large amount of rock salt outside the container of the sorbetes to help lower the temperature and prevent them from melting too fast.

4.     Sago’t Gulaman

Sometimes referred to as samalamig, sago’t gulaman is a famous refreshment drink in the Philippines made from gulaman (made from dried seaweed), sago (tapioca pearls), suspended milk, and brown sugar flavored with pandan leaves.

5.     Taho

Taho is a Filipino comfort food made from tofu, arnibal and pearl sago (tapioca). It is a sweet, high-protein snack enjoyed by everyone. Taho is served in a plastic with a spoon or a straw; some enjoy sipping it straight from the cup. 

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