Tips for Picture Perfect Camera Phone Photos

Photography isn’t just for people who have those expensive single-lens reflex cameras; everyone can take nice pictures even with just a simple camera phone. Just be equipped with the right knowledge, and you’ll be surprised what your camera phone can do. To start up, here are some tips to help you capture those magic travel moments like a pro.

1. Know your Phone’s settings
    Familiarize yourself with your mobile phone’s camera settings. Learn how to regulate and control them up to your advantage. It’s a great thing to know what your camera can and can’t do before taking pictures.  

2. Adjust the settings
    When using a camera phone, always select the highest photo quality. If your mobile phone gives you an option to choose between resolution and quality setting to save disk space--reduce the resolution (that’s if you don’t intend to make prints).

3. Edit Images
    Photos, no matter how beautifully taken can still be improved by editing.  Although some camera phones are equipped with photo editing functionality, the use of computer photo editing applications such as Photoshop and Aperture is way much better than your phone’s limited processor.  If you are having difficulty in using these programs, you can search the web for free use of simpler photo editing applications.

4. Avoid using digital zoom
    Most camera phones are equipped with digital zoom; it is somehow helpful most especially when shooting subjects which are at a distance. However, this feature reduces the quality of the photo. Avoid using this camera feature and just stay close to your subject as much as possible.

5. Keep your lens clean
    Finger prints are a common problem on camera phone lens. Be sure to clean your camera lens by wiping it with a soft cloth or tissue.

6. Light your subject well
     Lighting is crucial to ensure that the picture comes out well. Steer clear of direct sunlight; your subjects will be much more attractive if there’s no light beam hitting them in the face. On the other hand, if you are shooting indoors or during night time, search for an available light source and move your subjects closer to the light to get a good photo. You may experiment with different lighting positions and see what looks good.

7. Experiment
    Take loads of shots and experiment. You can capture very beautiful photos by mastering your camera phone’s capability, settings, and effects.

Going out on a trip/vacation isn’t complete without taking pictures. It is a well-loved activity that enables us to treasure and rekindle the fun and enjoyment we had during the trip. Just remember these tips and you'll sure be in taking nice pictures on your trip.