Fun Summer Activities in Boracay

Summer is finally here in the Philippines. The weather is great, the sun is shining high – perfect for an awesome summer getaway at the beach. Head out to the island of Boracay and experience the true meaning of fun this summer. Boracay is not just an amazing island with stunning white sand beach but also a place for activities that would fit everyone’s needs.

So to boost your interest in spending some warm summer days in Boracay, here is a list-down of some of the most electrifying activities that will definitely take your experiences to the next level:


What could be more fun than spending some time in the water while at the beach? Boracay’s powdery, white sand will surely blow you away together with its crystal clear water and panoramic backdrop. So put on your sun shield, swim, and enjoy the majestic beauty of the underwater world.

Water Activities

You can enjoy a variety of fun water sports activities in Boracay. It comes with different styles; making every activity an unforgettable one. One of the favorite underwater activities done in Boracay is the Reef Walking. This activity includes a helmet that allows you to breathe underwater. The fun part about this activity is that you can walk and experience extraordinary encounters with fishes and other marine species in different sizes and colors. You might also like to try different water activities such as parasailing, paragliding, banana boating, and so much more. In Boracay, there’s no room for boredom; just pure excitement and bliss.


Now for different side of Boracay, experience the thrill of riding on an all-terrain vehicle also known as ATV. Drive through the rough roads and ups and downs until you reach the highest peak of the island, the Mt. Luho. ATVs can be rented from various ATV rental shops in Barangay Yapak in Boracay.

Dreamy Sunset Watching

Boracay has this charm that can put you in a romantic mood, especially during sunset when the sun is about to go down. A color of golden orange blankets the water and sky showcasing a purely majestic sight. Such beauty is priceless especially when matched with a romantic candlelight dinner at the beach with your loved one.

Night-out Partying

If you’re looking for a fun night in Boracay, the island has its all-night partying that includes dancing with up-beat music and cocktail drinks. Dance with the fire and enjoy the hottest entertainments available in the island.

Warm summer days are here to stay. Remember to enjoy and take advantage of the season! 

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