Street Food Favorites in the Philippines (Part 2)

Whether to quench your thirst or eat for satisfaction, Philippine street foods and beverages are yours to munch and gulp. Savor Filipino flavors served uniquely with style that offers absolutely delicious delight in every bite and gulp!

Here is another round of full-flavored, delectably unique street food favorites found in the Philippines:
Banana cue is a deep fried Saba banana coated with caramelized sugar. Best served warm, banana cue is an all-time favorite afternoon snack of the Filipinos. 

Fish balls
Also spelled as fishballs, Fish balls are mostly made from the meat of cuttlefish or pollock. Fishballs are deeply friend, served on stick or on a paper plate. This kind of street food is best eaten with a thick, sweet and sour, with a bit of spiciness sauce. It is available everywhere in the Philippines sold on a pushing cart by street vendors. 


Siomai, also known as pork dumplings, is made from ground pork, beef, or shrimp combined with green peas, carrots and wrapped in wonton wrappers. It can be deep fried or steamed and is perfectly served with soy sauce mixed with the juice of calamondin and with some spicy garlic mix. This street food favorite originated in China and has been part of the food regimen of the Filipinos.

Pork Barbeque
 Pork barbecue is one of the street food classics. This barbeque is made from pork, soaked in a bunch of flavorings and spices, and soy sauce. Like kebabs, pork barbeques is cooked on a stick. Pork barbeques usually taste sweet and are perfectly eaten when dipped in a sweet and sour sauce made from vinegar, garlic, sugar, and onions. This kind of barbeque along with the other kinds is sold in the street typically in the afternoon.

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