Summer Quenchers

While the temperature around us continues to soar, the heat is definitely not a hindrance to do whatever we want this Summer, particularly on vacations and outdoor explorations. So stay hydrated and fresh with these cool Summer quenchers and enjoy the sun and all the season’s delights:

Coconut Juice

During a fun stroll, or an exhilarating day at the beach, a freshly harvested coconut juice is surely a delight to everyone’s thirst. It’s healthy, refreshing, and helps you fight dehydration while under the sun. Best served cold, a guarantee to quench thirst.

Fruit Shakes

Cool off with a refreshing fruit shake this Summer. It comes with different flavors and a truly healthy treat bursting with the refreshing goodness of fruits. 

Ice Candy
Keep the heat away with a deliciously cool ice candy. This is a popular treat for kids and is equally enjoyed by grown-ups during summertime. Like fruit shakes, an ice candy comes with different flavors with bits of mango, chocolate, avocado, and buko.

Spend your summer days with a sweet iskrambol – a Philippine version of sorbet mixed with delicious flavorings and powdered skim milk topped with chocolate or strawberry syrup and fluffy marshmallows. A delicious treat for everybody while on a fun, summer getaway.

Sago’t Gulam

Sago’t Gulaman is famous refreshment drink in the Philippines made from gulaman (made from dried seaweed), sago (tapioca pearls), suspended milk, and brown sugar flavored with pandan leaves.

The above refreshments are mostly in demand on a daily basis in the Philippines especially during Summer when the temperature is high. So stay cool and fresh and enjoy the rest of the season with these summer quenchers!


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