Trim Down Check-in Turmoil

Checking-in for a flight can be a gruesome experience; considering the long queues, confusing processes and other nuisances that may arise. With these problems at hand, you will definitely feel tired even before you get into your destination.  Here are some tips to ease the stress:

1. Schedule your trip. More often than not, the busiest times are weekends, holidays, summer, early   mornings and mid afternoons. Plan your trip avoiding these but if you can’t help it, try traveling with regional airports for shorter queues.

2. Arrive Early. Getting into the airport two to three hours before the trip will definitely save you from stress. Always anticipate delays such as traffic and long queues at the airport.

3. Register Online. Most airlines offer online check-in, register your flight on your airline’s website at least an hour before your scheduled flight and print out the boarding card.

4. If you can’t access the internet, head on to the self-service check-in kiosk at the airport. These time-saving machines will surely help you expedite the process; simply follow the prompts on the screen and enter the necessary information.

5. Trim down the queue hassle by preparing to remove your jackets, shoes, belts and jewelry.

6. The policies on carry-on baggage are constantly changing and may be different from one airport to the other.  Be sure to check with your chosen airports for updates.

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