Around Asia: Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, with over 9 million people population. Located in the Northwestern part of Java, the city boasts of an assortment of life, art, culture and traditions. Most of its cultural behaviors are inspired by Chinese, Arab, Portuguese, and Dutch rudiments.

Jakarta is the center for social, business, cultural, and wellness activities in Indonesia. It has a diverse selection of attractions available for locals and tourists. Everyone can enjoy and experience Jakarta’s vibrant culture and events by visiting its famous attractions that include amusement parks, hip shopping centers, gourmet and local restaurants, nightlife and entertainment places.
A lot of tourist attractions are found in Jarkarta. Among the must-see attractions include Taman Mini Indonesia or Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. It is a cultural recreational park showcasing an amazing display of clothing, architecture, traditions, and dances of Indonesia.
If you really want to explore more than just Jakarta, visit this park and you’ll be introduced to over 25 provinces of Indonesia. The park has also a tropical bird park, cable cars, lake and museum for everyone’s entertainment.

Another must-see attraction in Jakarta is the Fantasy World, locally known as Dunia Fantasi. It is one of the biggest leisure parks in Southeast Asia and an ideal place for young and young at heart visitors. 
Main attractions include Halilintar twisted roller coaster ride, Rumah Boneka (a local version of Disney's It's a Small World) and Balada Kera  (Monkey Parody), Niagara flume ride, and Theater show. Other classic attractions are also there like the ferris wheel, spinning cups ride, and swinging ship.
Apart from these leisure parks, which will totally be enjoyed by all, tourists may visit other main attractions in Jakarta such as the Angcol Jakarta Bay City, Waterboom Jakarta, and Setu Babakan (Small Lake Babakan).

Food lovers and travelers are encouraged to try Jakarta’s unique and delectable street food favorites. The most 
popular food offered by street vendors is basko (meatballs), which is commonly served in a bowl, with noodles, beans, tofu, eggs, and meat.
Another popular dish found in the streets of Jakarta is soto. It is a soup-like dish that is mainly comprised of broth and vegetables with beef, chicken, pork, or mutton meat. This street food is perfectly served with rice.

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