Stride in Style: Summer Sun Essentials

Summer has always been one of the favorite season; not only for beach lovers but also for those who are yearning to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Certainly, it is the season where everyone enjoys the sun. Basking under the heat of the sun with friends or family surely feels great; but only to safe levels . Every person  still needs to be protected from its burning heat and harmful rays. With a lot of skin products and gadgets commercially available, fashion,  enjoyment and comfort must not be sacrificed.

Whether summer or not, these sun protection products will absolutely help you enjoy and cope up with the weather in style.


As weather can change quickly, a good umbrella may come in handy. Umbrellas have been here since at least the 18th century; it is definitely an all-season must have. These conveniently shield us either from the blazing heat of the sun or from the unexpected rainfall.  Some people prefers to use these more than sunglasses and hats as it effectively shades the head, eyes and upper body simultaneously. Others are fickle minded as the use of these restricts one hand from carrying or doing something. Which side are you?


Almost everyone’s favorite, sunglasses has long been recognized as an effective eye protection. These are designed primarily to prevent direct sunlight and high-energy light from damaging and/or discomforting the eyes. Today, sunglasses are used not just as a protective eye wear but a part of a fashion statement as well. These come in different styles, designs and functionalities perfect for each individual’s preference. Put your sunglasses on and get ready to hit the street or beach in style.


 Hats are also a travel must have. These are head coverings worn for protection against the elements; also, these are used as an effective fashion accessory. It comes in various shapes, colors and materials fit for a person looking for style and comfort. If you do not want to cover your beautiful eyes with sunglasses, hats will be of good use. Let a stylish hat be your first line of defense against the scorching heat of the sun. Wear one today


Known to be a fashionable head accessory, a bandana is a large generally multicolored type of kerchief worn on the head to protect from the sun and/or to hold hair back.  Apart from being a stylish ornament and its basic use, bandanas has evolved over the years.  Certain manufacturers have managed to develop a tubular-shaped, stretchable fabric with multitude of uses. These seamless head wears can be put on depending on the need or style preference; it can be worn as a classic bandana, headband, dust mask, balaclava, beanie, and a lot more. It can even serve as a wristband or tube top to compliment one’s fashion. Aside from its number of uses, head wears comes in wonderful designs which are up to par with the global trends. Surely, bandanas and head wares are a good choice for those craving for style and functionality.

By: Rieh Argel

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