Pasalubong Tips and Tricks

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People especially Filipinos are fond of asking/bringing home presents or pasalubong. This has been a custom that has been practiced by people who are traveling either for work or leisure. In fact, more often than not, a larger part of OFW’s and Balikbayan's luggage is composed of different items for pasalubong.

Here are some tips to remember when buying a pasalubong.

Ask your loved ones if they like anything in particular
That’s if you are feeling generous or if they’ll be paying for it. Your loved ones will surely appreciate it when you ask what they want you to bring home for them; just make sure that you are very much willing to get whatever that item is otherwise, do not ask at all. Make sure to ask for an option just in case you wouldn't be able to find the first item requested.  It would also be best to research as to where you can buy that specific item.

Consider the preference of the person you are buying for
People have different preferences. When buying for a present, it would be best to know what the person would want to receive. Kind in mind that your present should be something that the person will make use of or something that will remind them of you or vice versa. If you will be getting a food item, make sure that the person who will receive isn’t allergic to it.

Avoid fragile and liquid items
As the description says, breakable items are delicate and require proper care in handling. Sure you can have a “Fragile” sticker unto its container but still you cannot assure it will be in one piece after it submits into the toss, tumble and pressures of travelling. Certainly you wouldn't want to attract problems at the airport and have your money put into waste. It’s always better to stick with sturdy, unbreakable items.

Create a list
Creating a list is crucial most especially if you have a lot of people to buy for. This help you check the number of items to buy and allot budget. It also enables you to double-check whether you missed anyone thus avoiding loved ones getting hurt.

Consider buying generic items
If you do not know the person's pasalubong preference or if you will be buying for a number of people, it would be best to buy something generic. Items such as key chains, magnets, purses, ball pens and even local delicacies are simple (most are cheap), but people still do appreciate them. Generally, these are small, handy items that don’t give you trouble in transport; not to mention that you don’t even have to pay for overweight charges when checking in at the airport.

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