Where to go next? BOHOL

The island of Bohol is gifted with fascinating beaches, mountainous grounds, and rich flora and fauna. It is an island full of life and wonders where people are kind, places are safe, and the views are beyond amazing. Located in the Central Visayas Region, Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines.

Bohol is a year-round destination for all types of tourists: It’s no wonder the island is one of the most visited places in the Philippines. With its diverse characteristics, Bohol is able to meet beyond what tourist expects to experience. From fun and adventurous activities to a relaxing day at the beach, and from rich nature encounters to a lovely day for cruise.

Two of its many highlights are the famous Chocolate Hills and the second smallest primate Tarsier.

Apart from these wonders, one must not miss these remarkable places and attractions:

Baclayon Church
Photo credit: pinoyexchange.com 

The Baclayon Church, located at Tagbilaran, Bohol, is one of the great foundations of Bohol’s past. It is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines next to San Agustin Church in Intramuros. It has been standing strong since the Spanish colonization in the 15th century. Its construction was completed in the year 1727. Today, it showcases a centuries-old worship place and a museum that displays and preserves early history and culture of the Filipinos, specifically the Boholanos.

Loboc River Cruise
Photo credit: discoverphilippines.eu

After exploring the culture, wonders and abundant nature of Bohol, don’t let your day end without trying their well-known floating restaurant. Stop by and dine at the enchantingly bright cruise in Loboc River where delectable cuisines are being served in a buffet style. One will be fully-entertained with its great food and spectacular view. Halfway through the cruise, guests will have a chance to visit and interact with one of the local tribes of Bohol, the Ati Tribe. These welcoming and warm-hearted natives will entertain you with their incredible talents. They would also be willing to teach you some of their basic moves in dancing making the cruise experience more exciting.

Man-made Forest
Continue you unforgettable encounters with nature by visiting Bohol’s manmade forest; a two-kilometre stretch Mahogany forest. It is situated in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Clean air and bountiful trees will welcome you as you stroll towards the beauty of this forest.

Blood Compact Shrine
The Blood Compact Shine is one of the historical landmarks of Bohol which symbolizes a very important event happened centuries ago in the island. This event was when Spanish Conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and ruler of Bohol, Datu Sikatua, made an amiable agreement to seal their friendship by drinking a cup of wine mixed with the blood of each other.

Clarin’s Ancestral House
The Clarin Ancestral House that dates back in 1840. Nestled in the heart of Loay in Bohol, an ancestral house stands with a strong influence of the Bohol's past. The house displays a collection of the family’s significant memorabilia. A Filipino-Spanish designed house that has a classic view of a house back in the olden days. It is a large square house made out of coral stone foundation, wooden walls and nipa roof cover. Although some corners of the house are damaged by the years gone by, you can still feel its preserved historical richness flowing in every corner of the house. 

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