Where to go next? BATANES

The Batanes Group of Islands is located in the northernmost part of the Philippines. It is the smallest province of the country with Basco, as its capital city.  

Photo credit: travelingjohnny.com
Photo credit: travelingjohnny.com

The islands’ backdrop comprises of hills and mountains. Various animals are everywhere; adding more appeal to the place.  Batanes is gifted with pleasant and cool weather. It enjoys four seasons climate with temperature that sinks as low as 7 degrees Celsius during winter.

The native people in Batanes are called Ivatans. They live in a house made of stones that can endure strong typhoons.  
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Photo credit: filipinolifeinpictures.blogspot.com

They are known for wearing Vakul, a traditional Ivatan headdress that is worn to protect them from the heat of the sun and keep them dry while it rains. It is made from abaca fiber of the Philippine Date Palm or Voyavoy leaves.

Although it is not the most accessible destination in the Philippines, Batanes is considered as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places to visit in the world.  The best time to travel to Batanes is during its summer season, mid-March to June. Panoramic views of mountains and hills, one-of-a-kind people and culture, pleasant climate, and fond memories are what Batanes offers to its visitors. 

An array of stunning places is there to feast your eyes. Here are some of the many promising spots you must visit while in Batanes:

Sto. Domingo Cathedral
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Batanes is home to an array of century-old churches that portrays the rich history of Batanes.  Among these churches is the Sto. Domingo Cathedral – the first Catholic Church built in Batanes during the Spanish colonization. It dates back around the early part of 18th century.

Vayang Rolling Hills
Photo credit: travelingjohnny.com

One should not miss visiting the Vayang Rolling Hills as it is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Batanes. The Vayang Rolling Hills is brilliant for having a magnificent backdrop of grass, blue sky, and the fascinating view of the South China Sea.

Rapang Cliff
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The Rapang Cliff is a natural park in Batanes that is home to natural cliffs and rocky hills. Amidst its spectacular scenery, this place also showcases various natural wonders such as bonsai arius trees and a natural stone bell that lies naturally on the ground, which produces sounds of a bell when you strike it with another stone.

Photo credit:  liquiddruid.wordpress.com

A site that showcases a boat-shaped burial markers of the ancient Ivatans that is Nakamaya. This is one of the places in Batanes that will surely fascinate you by how rich and diverse Ivatan traditions are.

Get ready to be fascinated by the beautiful Batanes! Start planning you trip now to this wondrous destination!

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