LANDMARK LEGENDS: Indonesian Landmarks (Bali)

Legends and myths are not just simple stories; they contain lessons and morals passed on from generation to generation. These tales may also include valuable historical facts and data about the culture and lifestyle of people or race involved. 

A myth on the origin of famous landmarks in Bali, indonesia

Long time ago, there was a powerful king who ruled over a vast area in Indonesia; his name was Mayadenawa.   Mayadenawa possessed such great power to transform him into anything he desired. Sadly, he misused his powers and became a warlock who practiced the dark arts. So consumed of the so-called dark power, the king destroyed all of Bali's temples to stop the Balinese from worshipping their gods. There came Mpu Kulputih; a priest blessed with ancient good magic powers. He decided to stop the king from his wrong doings. He went to a sacred temple to pray and meditate for guidance and motivation.

Soon after, warriors from above led by the god Indra were sent to destroy the king. In the end, the king’s troops fled, leaving King Mayadenawa almost without defense. The night came when Indra’s forces slept; Mayadenawa took advantage of the opportunity by sneaking into Indra’s camp and creating a pool of poisoned water. He walked on the side of his feet as to leave no footprints and that gave Tampaksiring its name. A Balinese word meaning “without imprints” the next morning, Indra’s forces woke up and discovered the pool of water; they drank from it and got poisoned. When Indra found out what happened, he created Tirta Empul, a well of water that cured his forces.

The water flowed from this well later became known as the river Pakerisan. As soon as the Indra’s forces got back in shape, they started to hunt for The king. Mayadenawa transformed himself into a stone to hide but Indra couldn’t be tricked. soon after, the king was found and shot by Indra’s arrow. A stream of blood flowed from the stone, forming a river now called as Petanu. The cruel king died and the peace was restored over the land.

Rekindle this fantastic myth by visiting the famous landmarks in Bali, Indonesia

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