CCA and its Importance

With the development of credit cards, purchase of goods and services has been as easy as swipe and sign and/or input and enter. These magnetic stripe/chip-equipped cards are undeniably useful in times of emergency. Moreover, it grants the cardholder exciting privileges through card company's rebates and usage rewards. Despite of its numerous benefits, the convenience of using credit cards on purchases has also brought problems of fraud and disputes

*A recent survey conducted by AITE Group and ACI Worldwide shows that 27% of cardholders around the world have experienced fraud. The report also notes that U.S consumers are heavy card users. Thus, 42% of U.S. survey respondents said they have experience card fraud.

With the prevalence of card fraud, consumers and business establishments must take extra precautions on credit card usage. We at Mango Tours value your hard-earned money; this is why we require our clients to furnish a signed CCA form to finalize any booking transaction online.

The Credit Card Authorization form or also known as CCA is a document issued by the cardholder to the establishment or business entity; giving the latter the right to charge or bill the former for the corresponding amount of goods or services purchased. Furthermore, this document attests to the fact that the cardholder has given the customer the right to use its card on his/her behalf; if the customer is not the rightful owner. The form generally asks for the cardholders basic credit card details, billing address, a photo copy of the card holders’ government issued ID and scanned image of credit card as an attachment. Such information are generally treated as being confidential and not to be used or disclosed other than to the extent permitted by the cardholder.

Here's how a Credit Card Authorization Form (CCA Form) looks like:

The Credit Card Authorization Form (CCA form) is an extra security measure that most online business establishments require to protect its valued clients from credit card fraud. Filling-up the form may sure take a little more time but the security and protection it offers compensate the inconvenience.  

*Countries with the most card fraud: U.S. and Mexico /

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