Around Asia: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Southeast Asia is blessed with fascinating attractions that never run out of contrast and surprises. One of its popular destinations is Siem Reap, Cambodia – where art lovers, thrill seekers, and culture explorers get together. 

Siem Reap is a destination that boasts of many old-world splendors. Its sublime characteristics continue to attract the interests of tourists from all over the world. Over a million annual tourists visit the destination to explore its natural and architectural wonders including the famed Angkor Wat. 

Apart from its iconic temples, Siem Reap is also notable for having tall and thick trees. Such trees are renowned for growing in and out of the temple ruins and becoming one with them, adding more charm and character to its image.

Here are some Siem Reap’s prominent attractions that one should not miss to visit:

Angkor Wat

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Built in the 12th century, the Angkor Wat--also known as the “City Temple”, is the most known symbol of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It serves as a religious site for various religions like Hindus, Vishnu, and Buddhists. Fascinating Khmer architectural designs are the highlights of this place,  it’s no wonder it is heralded among UNESCO’s heritage sites.

Cambodian Cultural Village

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Cambodian Cultural Village is a center for historical and cultural practices of Cambodia. Located 5 kilometers from the Angkor Wat temple, it houses 10 villages which represent different cultural heritages of the country. Various traditional dancing performances are performed to entertain anyone who visits the place. Such performances include the Apsara Dancing, Traditional Khmer Wedding Ceremony, Peacock Dancing, and more.

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Another famous temple found in Siem Reap is the Baphuon Temple. The temple showcases an amusing Baphuon architectural style that makes the place so unique and beautiful, providing visitors a glimpse of Cambodia’s rich culture and history.  It has become one of the many highlights of the country. Built in the mid-11th century, Baphuon is a temple dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva. 

Night Markets

Night markets in Angkor are also popular among tourists in Siem Reap. Over 200 souvenirs shops sell affordable traditional Cambodian handmade products including clothing, silk, artworks, jewelleries, and wood and stone carvings.


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By: Ling Gomez