Filipino Food Pick: Pinakbet

Pinakbet is a dish indigenous to the Philippines. It originated from the northern region of the country, particularly in Ilocos. The word pinakbet is derived from the llocano word pinakebbet meaning “shrunk” or “shriveled”. It is widely served and eaten across the country offering nothing but an authentic Filipino taste. 

Pinakbet, also known as pakbet, is one of the most popular vegetable dishes in the Philippines. This multi-vegetable dish is a mix of round eggplant, okra, bitter cord (ampalaya), stringbeans, tomatoes, and squash. Other ingredients include fish sauce and shrimp paste (bagoong) that give the dish its authentic salty taste. Apart from the fish sauce and shrimp paste, broiled shrimps and pork meat are also added to provide more character and flavor to the dish. 

Cooking pinakbet is not as intricate as other Filipino dishes. It involves a simple process of sautéing spices then adding all the vegetables and flavorings to steam. When cooked, pinakbet is best served and eaten with fried dish and steamed rice.

Pinakbet, a medley of healthy vegetables full of rich and flavorful taste. Satisfy your taste buds and try all-Filipino pinakbet dish today.

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By: Ling Gomez