Filipino Food Pick: Tapsilog

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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it fuels us with energy we need to start our day. So in today’s Filipino Food Pick, we highlight one of the best-tasting Filipino breakfasts known as Tapsilog.

Tapsilog is short for tapa (fried beef strips), sinangag (garlic-fried rice), and itlog (fried egg) – a very popular breakfast combination that is widely served in the Philippines. Just like any other Filipino meal, Tapsilog comes in a variety of flavors. For the tapa, some prefer it to be salty and spicy while others want to it sweet and peppery. But the best-tasting tapsilog is the one that has able to perfect the combination of these flavors. Serving this meal with an atchara, a pickled unripe papaya, will enhance and define its flavors more.

Today, a lot of ‘silog’ meals are available in numerous restaurants and food chains in the Philippines, thanks to the original and undeniably delectable tapsilog. Among the famous ‘silog’ meals include tocilog (fried sweetened pork), bangsilog (fried milkfish), porksilog (fried pork), and chixsilog (fried chicken). Best served at breakfast, these meals, just like tapsilog, can also be charmers at lunch and dinner.

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By: Ling Gomez