Typhoon Haiyan Victims Need Your Help

Mango Tours and ALAS Cargo will match every dollar you donate through MercyCorps, a 501-3C non-profit global organization that improves and saves lives of people who have gone through conflicts, crisis and natural disasters.

Help us reach our goal of raising US$20,000 to help the survivors of the Typhoon Haiyan. We still have a long way to go, but your trust and continued commitment can help reach our goal to ensure that victims receive the support they deserve.

  The wrath of Super Typhoon Haiyan caused destruction and death in central Philippines, wiping out several towns in the Visayas Region. Survivors are struggling for life as they search for food, water and shelter. There have been reports of illness outbreaks and untreated injuries and with no hospitals and medical professionals around, survivors are in dire need of medical attention. Immediate transport of goods and deployment of rescue personnel has become difficult due to damaged roads, airports and seaports.

MercyCorps’ team of experienced emergency responders is all set to deliver relief goods to affected individuals and families. The team leaders are well-trained to provide the utmost assistance – sanitation, shelter and relief distributions, needed by the victims in the aftermath of such tragedy.

Get to know the team leaders who will spearhead in the delivery and distribution of relief to the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

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