Tipping 101: Philippines

Gratuity or most commonly known as tip is a sum of money granted to certain service industry workers for a service performed. Tipping customs vary by country, region and by some unique circumstances. As in some countries, this simple act of generosity could potentially be mistaken as an insult. Knowing when and when not to bestow tips can save you money – and embarrassment as well. Here’s a guide for tipping in the Philippines: 
        ·   Generally, tipping in the Philippines is not required but expected. But don’t feel pressured to do so especially if the service/food wasn't good.

        ·    Tipping generously is very much appreciated though refrain from doing so every time as this may increase expectations for all travelers who follow.

        ·    At Restaurants: A service fee is usually included on the bill. It is in your discretion to leave an extra 20php to 100php. If it is not included, a 5 to 10% of your total bill is normally acceptable. 

        ·    When riding public transportation like taxi/cab, rounding up the fare is customary.

        ·    At Hotels: A 10 percent service charge is already included on the rate you availed. Depending on the luxury level of your accommodation, you might want to leave at least a hundred to the Front desk assistant, valet driver, cleaning staff or bellboy who goes out of his way to assist you with your needs.

        ·    In some cases, things such as food and other items are also accepted as a tip; though giving out cash is greatly encouraged.

Just like almost anywhere else in the world, everyone appreciate a reasonable tip. Share your resources and be a blessing to everyone.