Where to go next? Batanes!

Mango Tours Where to go next Batanes Philippines

Can you resist a visit to bunch of lighthouses overlooking the vast South China Sea and Pacific Ocean? And how about to the spectacular rolling hills of Vayang Ranch and Marlboro Country? Definitely, not!

Batanes, located on the northernmost tip of Luzon, is a seasonal destination which promises a rewarding experience. See the traditional houses made of rocks, meet the Ivatan locals, discover the weaving industry and get a taste of the distinct Ivatan cuisine. So if you're looking to spend a no-frills, stress-free vacation in less-crowded destination, Batanes is the place to go.

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Where to go next is Mango Tours' weekly feature on the Philippines' best and newest destinations. It provides basic facts about a particular attraction, giving readers an idea of its relevance and beauty. 

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