Where to go next? Cagayan de Oro!

If you're in Cagayan de Oro (CDO), you're probably there to brave the frightening yet fascinating rapids of Cagayan de Oro river. This premier destination is more than just the country's white water rafting capital, it is the country's Gateway to Northern Mindanao and offers both nature and sports lover exciting outdoor adventures. Aside from being a rugged countryside, CDO holds great history and culture and is home to a number of interesting heritage sites. What makes this place special? It's the welcoming smiles and the warmth of the locals. Lastly, a visit to CDO is never complete without a taste of the popular Hamon de Cagayan!

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Where to go next is Mango Tours' weekly feature on the Philippines' best and newest destinations. It provides basic facts about a particular attraction, giving readers an idea of its relevance and beauty.

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