Where to go next? Banaue!

Mango Tours Banaue

Almost everyone is aware that Banaue, in the province of Ifugao, houses the world-renowned Rice Terraces, one of the Philippines’ sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Most people informally calls this verdant stairways as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. According to the National Geographic, the Rice Terraces perfectly illustrates the harmony of human and nature and “serves as an example of sustainable agriculture with traditional techniques”. Aside from being gifted with marvelous greeneries and enchanting landscapes, there is actually more to Banaue than the terraces. It is in this place where you can discover the real face of the Philippines. While most places are becoming touristy and commercialized, Banaue is able to preserve its authentic culture and tradition. The locals warmly welcome visitors by proudly showcasing their famous Ifugao dance. The beauty of this town on the Cordillera Mountain Range is truly difficult to be captured by the camera; so, try to witness Banaue yourself through our package: http://mangotours.com/vacation-package-banaue.html

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