Where to go next? Bataan!

When Filipinos hear the word “valor”, what comes to mind is not a person, but a place. Bataan has manifested so much of heroic boldness and courage ever since history can be remembered. It was the first province to rise in revolt against the Spanish tyranny and the last defensive stand by the United States Army Forces in the Far East or USAFFE against the Japanese forces. The sacrifices of the BataeƱos made Bataan worthy of its reputation. Furthermore, visiting Bataan is like listening to your grandparents talk about how they have overcome most of life’s battles. Grandparents have it in them to make you feel that you, yourself, are part of their experiences; in fact, their experiences are part of who you are today. That’s also how Bataan can affect you -- giving you an encounter with something unfamiliar yet is able to make you trace your roots. See the valor of Bataan and travel through time. For an affordable package, visit http://mangotours.com/vacation-package-bataan.html

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Where to go next is Mango Tours' weekly feature on the Philippines' best and newest destinations. It provides basic facts about a particular attraction, giving readers an idea of its relevance and beauty. 

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