Where to go next? Davao!

In an overview, it is effortless for Davao to uniquely represent the Philippines. It houses many natural wonders that are famous worldwide. To name some are Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the country, Waling-waling, the former national flower and now considered the “Queen of Philippine Flowers”, and the Monkey-Eating Eagle or locally called the Philippine Eagle, the largest existing eagle in the world in terms of length. It is also the home of various exotic fruits like durian, mangosteen, marang, and rambutan. Despite innately possessing these wonders, Davao is surprisingly doing a continuous effort to further make the country proud and known to the world. It preserves much of the history and culture of the Philippines through its museums, churches, and other establishments. Parks are also open to showcase the land’s natural treasures. The efforts of Davao to promote the Philippines is definitely fruitful. You can be one with it in its advocacy! How? The first step is through a visit. Here’s an affordable package http://mangotours.com/vacation-package-davao.html

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Where to go next is Mango Tours' weekly feature on the Philippines' best and newest destinations. It provides basic facts about a particular attraction, giving readers an idea of its relevance and beauty. 

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